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{ Using Art to Help Others

The artist and painter Gerdi Gutperle is known for her talent far further afield than her home town of Hirschberg. However, her greatest achievement, as she says herself, is not that which has arisen through oil on canvas.

When Gerdi Gutperle discovered painting in her mid- 50's, she could not possibly know that she would fulfil her lifetime ambition through art; the establishment of her own foundation. In view of the somewhat inhumane conditions with which many children in South India have to battle on a daily basis, Mrs Gutperle founded the Gerdi Gutperle Foundation in 2002 with the help of her husband, Werner.

Instead of looking for sponsors and partners straight away, as one might expect to be the case with a foundation, Gerdi Gutperle got down to work and financed her foundation through the proceeds of her paintings. Today this is still the case and every euro that she earns through painting is used for the foundation.

Her greatest project or, as the artist herself says, her most important lifetime ambition, is the establishment of the ā€˛Gerdi Gutperle Agasthiyar Muni Child Care Centre", a health-care centre for children in South India. A health-care centre is currently being built in Sahaya Nagar-Vellamadam in the county of Tamil Nadu, which will guarantee free health-care for all sick children, regardless of their religion or caste.

That such a project, cannot be achieved by one person, despite enormous commitment from its founder, goes without saying. For this reason, Gerdi Gutperle is constantly looking for people, companies and other institutions to support this and other projects.


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