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gerdi and werner gutperle inaugurate the institute
of rehabilitation at the ggamccc


Gerdi Gutperle schneidet feierlich das Eröffnungsband durch web

Gerdi and Werner Gutperle cutting the opening ribbon

In February 2020 the founders Gerdi and Werner Gutperle visited the Gerdi Gutperle Agasthiyar Muni Child Care Centre in South India. The reason for the visit was the opening of a rehabilitation institute on the hospital premises. In addition to the hospital services in the preventive and curative area, it was important to Gerdi Gutperle from the very beginning to help children who cannot be completely cured. Such children are particularly dependent on help, as they are hardly noticed in today's society. Until the construction of the new rehabilitation centre, these children were treated in the hospital's own rehabilitation department. High demand required the construction of an independent building on the premises, with which the GGAMCCC aims to create an institution that leads to the comprehensive development of children with disabilities.

Das neue Rehazentrum
The new Institute of Rehabilitation at the GGAMCCC

Reha Schwimmbecken

Swimming pool for hydrotherapy suitable for children

The building, designed according to the traditional Tamil houses with four blocks of rooms and a central open courtyard, offers examination, consultation and several treatment rooms (for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, among others), a child-friendly swimming pool for hydrotherapy and several classrooms in the centre's own integrated special school for children suffering from cerebral palsy, autism or multiple disabilities, among other things. The courtyard of the rehabilitation centre is used for daily meetings of the special school children, parents' meetings, sports and leisure events, etc. The courtyard is surrounded by a spacious veranda which can be used for walking or cycling, depending on the health condition of the little patients. The sensory park in front of the building offers a good environment for development through play and recreation. The centre's team, consisting of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, special needs teachers, music and hydro therapists, lovingly cares for the patients. The services of the medical superintendent of the GGAMCCC, as well as other physicians such as the paediatric orthopaedist, neurologist etc., are called upon as needed. The overall goal is to optimize the competence of children with special needs in order to achieve the highest possible physical, cognitive, academic, emotional, interpersonal and socioeconomic functioning. The approach is therefore comprehensive, proactive and individual. Since most of the children who need rehabilitation services come from very poor families, or the family's ability to pay is very low due to the length of therapeutic interventions, these patients are always granted special conditions at the GGAMCCC.

Ansprache der Gründerin

Speech by Gerdi Gutperle at the opening of the Institute


Rehab patients on stage

 The inauguration of the Institute of Rehabilitation, which covers about 1000 square meters, took place on 7 February in the presence of the bishop of the diocese of Kottar, Dr. Nazarene Soosai, who blessed the building during the event. In addition to the Managing Director of the GGAMCCC, Father Patrick Xavier, the opening ceremony was also attended by the director of the Rehab Centre, Dr. Raj Johnson, the medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Philipp Pradheep, the former county commissioner of the Bergstrasse District, Mr. Matthias Wilkes, and the founder Ms Gutperle herself. In her speech, Gerdi Gutperle welcomed those present and thanked, above all, the German guests who had made the long journey to India. Commenting on the construction of the Institute, which she ceremoniously opened on this day, Gutperle said: "I am very proud that with the new institute another milestone in the history of the hospital has been reached. She also looked back on a long journey, with highs and lows, from the establishment of the foundation to the construction, opening and overall development of the children's hospital and said she looked back with pride - and with joy into the future. Mrs. Gutperle also thanked the Diocese of Kottar for its continued support, as well as the founding directors, the medical superintendent and the entire staff, her so-called "GGAMCCC family", and called on those present to continue to work with her to help as many children as possible to have a happy childhood. The event was accompanied by singing and dancing.


The founders of the GGAMCCC with the directors, family and guests from Germany


Text: Miriam Hog
Photos: Beatrice Harder, beart




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