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india's covid count world's third highest after us and brazil


Total number of cases in India: 1,902,598

Death: 39,814

Recovered: 1,279,526

Active: 582,809


Total number of cases in Tamil Nadu: 268,285

Death: 4,349

Recovered: 208,784

Active: 55,152


Total number of cases in the Kanyakumari district: 5,435

Death: 61

Recovered: 3,372

Active: 2,002


In India, the lockdown began on the 23rd of March 2020. Many hospitals and dispensaries are still closed. Some hospitals operate with an absolute minimum of staff. Many private hospitals cut staff salary. At the GGAMCCC staff is paid the full salary – even in difficult times like these.

Till the end of May 2020 the GGAMCCC provided transport facilities from the hospital for staff. Also, staff was divided into three groups, continuously doing their job for twelve hours, thus covering 36 hours per week. The remaining 4 days staff was asked to stay home.

Rules and requirements of social distancing, wearing protective masks and hand hygiene were communicated to staff, patients and patient attendants.

In the meantime, a separate fever clinic was set up at the GGAMCCC, which is housed in the new rehabilitation centre - at sufficient distance from the hospital. As agreed with the Indian government, a paediatric hospital like ours cannot admit Corona cases. If we detect a case, the respective patient is immediately referred to a state-run hospital. Staff that were in contact with the patient are placed under quarantine.

In June new relaxed lockdown rules were announced and hospital services starting to run regularly again. As there is still no public transport, it is difficult for patients to come to the hospital. But thanks to the GGAMCCC’s good reputation, people do go out of their way to be treated at our hospital. The borders to neighbouring districts remain closed.

Personal protective equipment is provided to the doctors and nurses. Cloth masks are provided to all staff and N 95 masks to doctors and nurses who work in high risk areas. Three-layer masks are handed out to staff dealing with inpatients.

Shortly, a detailed report by our Medical Superintendent Dr. Pradheep will follow.


Father Leon Henson, Director at the GGAMCCC