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"People in this region don't have enough money to pay for the often very costly treatment that their children need, so they don't even go to see a doctor in the first place. This can be a fatal error because many illnesses that are relatively simple to treat in their early stages become drastically more severe if left untreated. The consequences can be so severe that the children suffer irremediable harm. It's a vicious circle that we want to break", explained Gerdi Gutperle prior to the project.

The GGAMCMH primarily caters for needy children, irregardless of their religion or caste. A highly qualified team of physicians, nurses, assistants and many helpers have already made it possible for half a million children to receive excellent medical care. The fees charged for these services depend on the family's income, so young patients from the neediest families are treated free of charge.

The Centre's patron saint is the Indian sage Agasthiyar, who lived and taught the holy sciences in this region approximately 6000 years ago. His knowledge lives on today in the science of Yogasolan. Developed by Isolde Heller-Bayer and Dr. J├╝rgen Bayer, Yogasolan influences all of the therapies practiced at the Centre. Here at the GGAMCMH, Gerdi Gutperle's great dream has come true: namely, to create a place where orthodox medicine and natural healing methods work hand in hand, reciprocally supporting each other for the wellbeing of the children. Mainstream medical practices are used only if they're urgently necessary, for example, if surgery cannot be avoided. After surgery, natural-healing methods help the child's body to rid itself of toxins, and the child continues to undergo follow-up treatments based on natural healing methods.  Homeopathic treatment is also offered under the supervision of German deputy medical director Manuela Kaess. Additionally, an Indian homeopathic pediatrician and an Ayurvedic doctor have also been participating in this ambitious project for some time. The abovementioned type of treatment has an exemplary character for other hospitals.

Visit our news section for current information on the GGAMCMH.

For further information please feel free to visit the homepage of the child care centre in India.

The Gerdi Gutperle Foundation is primarily financed by the sale of Gerdi Gutperle's works of art. Additional financial support comes from private donations. You too are invited to support the work of the Gerdi Gutperle Foundation. Every cent of your donation, without any deductions, will be used exclusively to finance the operation of the children's hospital.

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